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Our skis for sale in Tignes:

How to buy your skis? How to choose the best skis at the best price? Which brand of skis to choose? Mountain Story in Tignes le Lac has only one answer: try them!

The purchase of skis should not be done on a whim . Choosing a pair of skis, means  the choosing  an equipment that will determine the pleasure you will take on and out of the tracks for several years during your skiing holidays. It is therefore essential to be able to try out your skis before you buy.

Passionate about skis, the store managers have found the solution to convince skiers that buying your skis in the resort is not more expensive. This is eventually, the only way to guarantee a successful ski purchase. Mountain Story aligns the price of the skis sold in its store to the best available price you can find, internet included.

Never buy your ski gear without feeling it before.

For one hour, one day, one week, try your next skis and boots in real snow conditions.

Jeune femme qui essaie ses nouveaux skis avant de les acheter

Never miss a good deal !

Whatever your choice Mountain Story adjusts its ski price to the lowest you can find, even on the internet.

Exposition des skis et des chaussures a la vente chez Mountain Story


Never miss

Skis prices on the internet: a trompe-l’œil ?

Compare and come with your own prices.
Why does Mountain Story ski shop offer you to match the price of its equipment to the lowest available price, including the internet?

First, because you should not buy skis without trying them.
Also because the price that seems so low on the internet is not always that advantageous.
The promotions offered often include formulas not always adapted between skis and bindings, skis and shoes. And the consequence for you might be  to end up with incoherent gear in terms of performance or use.At Mountain Story in Tignes Le Lac, even if we know how important the attraction of the price is, we can’t accept to see the skiers choose an inappropriate or incoherent material ! By offering its formula “compare on the web, try & buy in resort”, Mountain Story makes for its customers, the winning bet of skiing  pleasure.

Ski purchase in Tignes at Mountain Story: the best brands, the best net prices, teste and advice included!

Choosing your ski in-store:

During summer, I rent my mountain Bike